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Meet Paula

Hi there,

I am an Integral Life & Business Coach based in Cape Town, South Africa.  I am also an entrepreneur and yoga teacher.

With 30-years’ experience in the corporate and creative sectors as an entrepreneur and business woman, having co-founded and led a media company since 2000, I began to charter a new course in 2015.  One that has led me to become a life and business coach with the aim of influencing people and society from the inside out. 

I know that through coaching, I can change the world, one AHA moment at a time. 

Chia Life & Business Coaching & Consulting helps people to establish what they’re really good at and to reimagine their futures. Through stimulating conversation, deep thinking, active listening, and self-reflection every person is able to find their direction in life.

As a former CEO I intimately understand the business executive and entrepreneur’s world, its challenges and rewards. I have honed my skills and developed the capacity and wisdom to listen, ask questions, and facilitate opportunities for clients to find clarity and to experience the proverbial “AHA” moments. It is these instances that ignite change and drive personal, professional, and vocational transformation.

My integral transformation began in 2015 when I began to step out of my comfort zone and started a journey that would expand my skill set, knowledge and awareness, to disciplines outside my profession. I successfully completed Yoga Teacher Training and a 16-month internationally recognised Diploma in Integral Life Coaching.

The Enneagram a significant contributor to creating shifts in my life.  Its effect was so profound that I later qualified as an Integrative Enneagram Practitioner.

I completed the Leadership Maturity Framework where I developed a deep insight into the invisible, yet prevalent influences that cause a leader to succeed or fail.  In 2018, I added  a certificate in Digital Marketing to my skill set.

The word Yoga means Union.  The Union of mind, body and spirit.  I did not do my yoga teacher training with the intention of teaching, but rather to deepen my personal practice.  Little did I know then, how beautifully the teachings and principles of yoga would flow into my coaching.  As yoga stretches your body and your mind, so too does coaching.  

Coaching requires a willingness to explore and be still with our ‘stuff’, and in so doing, develop our potential for joy, success, and greatness. 

This is what gets me out of bed each day, the possibility of helping someone find just thatJoy, success and ultimately, personal greatness.

It's time to discover

the real you

Chia Life | Business Coaching

Chia Life & Business Coaching & Consulting’s multi-disciplined coaching approach provides answers and direction using practical tools and solutions that propels people out of the thinking and planning stage into the action stage.

Chia unlocks your potential and places you firmly on the path to success and greatness.


Identifies what makes you tick and guides you through the beliefs that limit your potential.


Discovers what you’re good at, what you love doing, and most importantly, establishes how this meets the needs of the world around you. This ensures your present and future readiness.


Firmly means being action-orientated - it is where Chia gets practical. You’ve had the proverbial AHA! moments, you know what you should be doing, but not how to do it. Chia consults with you and guides you on your personal brand, your business plan, or your due diligence data room.

The Path

Life is a crowded path that requires more than a destination; it requires a platform on which to build a powerful social media presence and visibility. Chia starts this journey with and for you.


Yes, it’s exactly what you thought it was, and more –it’s wealth, personal fulfilment, wellness, life-balance, and joy.


It is not just about you. In a world that needs more kindness, compassion, and consciousness, Chia nudges you towards being more of what the world needs now, helping you to achieve a more significant and positive overall impact.

“Paula’s skill in helping young people find their mojo, change their mindset and provide direction is a real talent. We’re so grateful for her intervention in our teenager’s life.”

Bruce and Sue

Parents and Business Owners


I am inviting you to a FREE 30-MINUTE “chemistry’ session where I will answer your questions and spend some time coaching you enough to give you a feel for the process and maybe experience your first shift.

This session (face-to-face or online) comes with no strings attached. Once done, you will know if I’m the right coach for you, as well as have an understanding of the work that lies ahead of you. 

Coaching will provide you with a new perspective. One that opens up a world of possibilities, clarity and a sense of unbridled enthusiasm for the future.

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