Career Coaching

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Career Coaching

“My clients, whether employees or entrepreneurs, find themselves at different life and career stages. Usually feeling ‘stuck’ or wondering if “there’s more to life than this?” 

I facilitate the process of helping you achieve your personal and professional goals. I help you discover your natural talent and what makes you thrive. Career Coaching is intended to unlock your potential and work with the possibilities available to you. Together, we create a career path and future that offer success and greatness.

My Process

My methodology and approach combine several Coaching tools and techniques, including the Enneagram and Gallup’s CliftonStrengths. I work either one-on-one or in small groups and offer online coaching via Zoom or Skype.

My Career-Coaching or Talent-unlocking process comprises between 8-12 weeks (15 hours).

  • The first five sessions comprise pure coaching, where we explore what’s holding you back, and how the future may look.
  • We find what makes you tick, what makes you feel powerful and happy.
  • We identify the obstacles and consider your options. 
  • We then get practical in sessions 6 – 9.  The mentoring stage is determined by whether you’re an entrepreneur in the making or a budding corporate player.
  • You will develop practical tools to launch your personal brand.

Chia Coaching is about unlocking your potential, letting go of limiting beliefs and placing you firmly on the road to success and greatness.



Do you have a desire to learn and grow?

I am inviting you to a FREE 30-MINUTE “chemistry’ session where I will answer your questions and spend some time coaching you;  enough to give you a feel for the process and maybe experience your first shift.

This session (face-to-face or online) comes with no strings attached. Once done, you will know if I’m the right coach for you, as well as have an understanding of the work that lies ahead.

You know you need a coach if:

  • You are feeling stuck, confused about the future?
  • Feeling unsettled?
  • In need of change
  • Need someone to listen
  • Discouraged and directionless
  • Know there’s more to life than the one you’re living right now.

Coaching gives you a new perspective. One that opens up a world of possibilities, provides clarity and instils a sense of unbridled enthusiasm for the future.

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