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Leadership Coaching

Everyone has the potential to lead,

it’s a choice.

Leadership Coaching

Leaders who get the most out of coaching have a fierce desire to learn and grow.

I offer Business owners, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs a thinking partnership based on the principles of Nancy Kline’s book ‘Time to Think’ -‘Listening to Ignite the Human Mind’.

I know that whether you’re running your own business or a leader in a corporate, it’s likely that you pretty much know what you’re doing. That doesn’t mean you wouldn’t like a safe, objective space to test your thinking, express your fears, solve a problem or create a bold strategy.

During my 18 years of being a CEO in a business I co-founded, I recall that the most valued interactions I had were with people who had the maturity and wisdom to listen, to really listen without judgment, nor any vested interest. A Thinking Partner is someone who often has the experience, knowledge, and expertise to mentor or consult, but instead, offers to be a facilitator and objective listener to what you as a business owner, executive, or leader has in mind, or on your mind.

I have built and sold businesses, survived the tumultuous entrepreneurial journey, strategised, and delivered successful marketing programs for some of SA’s top brands

As an Leadership Coach, I walk side-by-side with my clients to establish and develop their companies and brands.

Services include:

  • Leadership Coaching Thinking Partnership
  • Business resilience coaching
  • Business plan assessment for new entrepreneurs
  • Business plan development for new entrepreneurs
  • Marketing strategy development
“Leadership transcends power, titles and financial success. True leaders are defined by their ability to positively impact and empower others. From teachers and parents to taxi drivers and tattoo artists, physicists to farmers, and beyond, everyone has the potential to lead yet leading, and leading well, is a choice.”


Do you have a desire to learn and grow?

I am inviting you to a FREE 30-MINUTE “chemistry’ session where I will answer your questions and spend some time coaching you;  enough to give you a feel for the process and maybe experience your first shift.

This session (face-to-face or online) comes with no strings attached. Once done, you will know if I’m the right coach for you, as well as have an understanding of the work that lies ahead.

You know you need a coach if:

  • You are feeling stuck, confused about the future?
  • Feeling unsettled?
  • In need of change
  • Need someone to listen
  • Discouraged and directionless
  • Know there’s more to life than the one you’re living right now.

Executive Coaching gives you a new perspective. One that opens up a world of possibilities, provides clarity, enhances performance and instils a sense of unbridled enthusiasm for the future.

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