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Seven ways to change your life: Part 7 – Creativity

Our is a world in turmoil. Whichever way we look, we are told what to think, see, feel, do. We are instructed, corrected, moulded into a pattern of being that mirrors what some external map of society tells us is right, ‘best-practice, on trend…

In an ever-changing world, all we ever hear is how we need to change, how we need to do more and do things differently.

And yet the irony is that this, in fact, leads us towards the lies that keep us most stuck and which steal our joy, effectiveness and the essence of who we are as human beings. This perpetual striving for change actually limits our capacity for creativity, and it is our capacity for creativity that enables the transformational and generative change that we should actually be seeking.

“All of the greatest acts of creativity are borne within a soul in silence,

At the door of the great letting go,

With a heart of hope, gratitude, humility and wonder. “


This truth brings us to our seventh practice which we are exploring this week: the Superpower of Creativity.

The concept of creativity is one of those human capacities that has, perhaps, been most misunderstood of all. It’s been boxed into the Arts, and so, seen through the lens of drawing, painting, music, and dance… and little else.  All of these are absolutely true, of course. These are exquisite expressions of creativity and perhaps it is because of the joy and wonder we receive from them that we have focused our perception of creativity there.

But – fortunately – this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Q: What is creativity?

A: The relationship between a human being and the mysteries of inspiration.

    Elizabeth Gilbert

Creativity is what it means to be human.

We are creative when we plan a party, design a project at work, plan for a meeting, engage in a conversation with someone, fix something, solve problems (personal, emotional, financial, process, inter-relational, organisational…the list is endless!), make a decision, cook a meal, play in our garden, build something…

    Mathematicians are creative. So are computer programmers.

    Parents are creative, and so are teachers.

Managers are creative, leaders are creative,

Scientists are, accountants are (there are many ways to balance the books!), entrepreneurs are.

Poets are, children are (extremely!)…

Every single human being who has ever had an idea of any kind, is creative.  This means every human being who has ever lived, or will ever live, is creative.

What we need to do more of is tap into our creativity and use it!

Creativity stems from our ability to imagine. Imagination, that glorious process of free thinking and unrestrained visualisation, is where every action is actually birthed.

The saying by  , ‘If you can dream it, you can achieve it” is true. What it is essentially saying is that if you can imagine it, you can create it.

Albert Einstein, that great figurehead of the past who is still one of the greatest geniuses to walk the planet, was completely grounded in his imagination and creativity.

The following quote sums up his relationship with imagination to the tee:

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”


He got it. He saw the inextricable link between his creativity and imagination, to all the greatest work he ever produced.

And what he also got was the understanding that when we tap into our creativity, we also tap into our capacity to find joy, delight and wonder.

His words?

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”.


When we look closely at creativity and what it actually enables in our lives, we see that it is really about living from a place of wholeness, openness, flow and acceptance.

It is about taking what is – which requires noticing, understanding and accepting what is – and letting it become something else.

What might this look like? Some ideas could be:

  • Taking a retrenchment, and letting it become a sabbatical to study, or travel (creating new possibilities).
  • Taking an argument, and turning your perspective to the other person’s, which gives you a whole new way of seeing things – thus creating a new way to interact with the person.
  • Combining a telephone with a personal computer…and a calculator…and a GPS…and, and… (the evolution of the mobile phone)
  • Taking a power failure and turning it into a chance to design a new game with your family.
  • Taking a career as a poorly paid actor, and turning it into a lucrative career in coaching people in presentation skills.
  • Taking a bread recipe, and replacing missing ingredients with other things in the pantry, and creating a totally new eating experience (which you may, or may not want to repeat!).
  • Taking a new route to work, and encountering a new coffee shop, which could become the start of a new routine each day.
  • Taking a dreaded dinner invitation, and combining it with the game ’20 questions’ to push yourself to ask 20 different questions during the evening…and perhaps learn something new or make a new friend.
  • Take a hated chore, combine it with something else, and create a wonderful experience! (Like? Shopping with your kids, planning meals and getting kids to clear up… give them the special job of planning a meal so they are excited to shop for it, decorate the table and clear up – they are ‘in charge’)!

Creativity is all about looking at things differently, with fresh eyes, and then letting your curiosity lead you through the experience.

How to engage more of your creativity:

  1. Every day (or at least every week) do something that lets you forget time… something that brings you ease or delight. It could be drawing, singing, running, watering a plant, walking, listening to music, reading a book for fun… And it only needs to be 10 – 15 minutes.
  2. Get curious! Start asking: I wonder if… I wonder why….
  3. Simplify your life: when we are too busy, with too many things to do, we stifle our ability to create.
  4. Make creativity an intentional practice: Commit to doing one new, different thing every week (this is a great ‘New Years’ Resolution’ actually. Why not be different and start in on 15 September 2022 ?!)

So, let’s get creative! Creative about making more time for creativity…

Friends of creativity:

Curiosity, diversity, hope, forgiveness, calm, ‘failure’ & mistakes, imperfection, play,

Benefits of creativity:

Increased problem-solving ability, stress release, optimism, deeper self-awareness, hope, opportunities for innovation, enhanced relationships, joy

AUTHOR:  LEIGH JOHNSON (Co-partner:  @EquinoxJourney)