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Do you find yourself complaining that life is hard? That you’re lost, off kilter, frustrated, unfulfilled? I’ve often found that clients who are feeling like this, don’t have a personal vision that gives focus and guidance. It’s not only businesses that need Visions – we should have personal Vision too. Why? It’s the perspective required …

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Image by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

The Joy Of Missing Out

My Great aunt was always telling me to slow down: this while I was juggling two kids under 5 and my own business. “Stop and smell the roses,” she would say. I disregarded her like young people disregard all old people. It made no sense to me, then. There was a business to grow, the …

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Kindness Made Visible

I had never considered reading a book nor watching a movie twice, let alone travelling 22 hours to the same holiday destination, twice in four years. Yet in early 2019 I took that second trip to Bali, despite the many other tempting places on my bucket list. Why Bali? Sure, the beaches are great, lazily …

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