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Vision Reset



Ke Nako – It’s time

Time to press the reset button and redefine your Vision for the future. 

We could never have imagined a year like the last one – its time to move your focus

from what is now, the past, to the future.

You want to make changes but you don’t know where to start,

this workshop is for you. 

 It’s time to reset – time to reimagine the possibilities and

send the naysayers packing.

Uncertainty is neutral. Great things can come from it. How we relate to uncertainty is a choice. Like the next important discovery, realization or insight.

Deepak Chopra

My Vision Workshop promises...


Using sound coaching tools and techniques you’ll wade through the fog and

pinpoint what’s important to you.


Your vision becomes your destination.  The next step is planning the journey.


You’ll know its what’s important now and how it will impact later. 

You’ll have the courage and insight to reprioritise and commit to change.


You’ll let go of limiting narratives, overwhelm and disbelief. 

You’ll walk away with a welcome, fresh newperspective.

We’re living in a time of radical change and great potential.  Don’t let anyone persuade you otherwise. 

You’ve  spent the past year focusing your energy on survival.  It’s time to look forward again – to relook and reset your vision for the future and chart the course to achieving it.

If you already have personal goals,  you’ll discover that having a Vision, is a catalyst to successfully attaining your goals. 

 I like to think of it as.. setting goals, without a VISION being like planning a holiday without knowing the destination. 

In this 6-hour Vision Workshop I use tested coaching techniques and tools to help you define your vision,

set your path and 

own your future

I experienced a rather gentle process of awakening that resulted in a resounding reminder to, just occasionally, stop! A thoroughly enjoyable day that resulted in an adjusted focus of where to next, a reminder of my personal values and a Vision Board of which I’m rather proud.

Alison Evans

Creative Strategist / Writer

The vision workshop allowed me to gain clarity on what I wanted to achieve this year. I left feeling grounded having found clarity around what’s important to me and clear direction for the future.

Lyndon S

Photographer | Videographer and Digital Influencer

We tackled some difficult subjects in a safe space with honesty and clarity. This is often not easy. I learned much about myself, the areas that I need to work on, what truly makes me happy and how this all fits into my vision.

Dion Martin

Business Owner

I’ve never taken a day off to focus on myself. Needless to say, I was resistant and impatient.
It turned out to be a brilliant process. I needed it to be interesting and it was. I’m also pretty proud of my vision board. Thanks Paula. Great Job.

Paul de Waal

Senior Wealth Specialist

I needed clarity and direction. I left the workshop feeling lighter and clear on a number of big decisions I’ve been afraid to make.

Wilna van Schalkwyk

Television & Broadcast Specialist

I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun I had despite the stuff that came up. It seems we all have that stuff. Paula managed to hold it (us) all together very naturally and professionally . The process was great and I’m proud of my Vision board, it is authentically mine and comes with full commitment to achieving all that is on it.

Kim M

Television & Broadcast Specialist


We know that some of you feel safer at home, others like to mingle and
others like to have their own people around them.

We’ve made it easy and safe for you.

There are 3-ways to engage.


Venue: The Small Room, Tableview, Cape town
Cost R985 pp including lunch

At your Home or Office

Invite up to 8 friends or colleagues
Cost: R4 000 for a 6-hour day


Booked by arrangement
for Corporate and Groups of 8+

All Covid Protocols will be strictly observed.

I am inviting you to a FREE 30-MINUTE coaching session where I will answer your questions and spend some time coaching you enough to give you a feel for the process and maybe experience your first shift.

This session (face-to-face or online) comes with no strings attached. Once done, you will know if I’m the right coach for you, as well as have an understanding of the work that lies ahead of you. 

Coaching will provide you with a new perspective. One that opens up a world of possibilities, clarity and a sense of unbridled enthusiasm for the future.

To take up this offer simply fill in your email address and details .   If you have any other questions, feel free to include them.