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Unlearning (Part 2)

If nothing changes, nothing changes. As coaches, we facilitate change.  Why does it require guidance? Because it’s intimidating and tough. It means taking

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Unlearning (Part 1)

The Ups and Downs of Moving Forward ‘Lifelong learning’, ‘learning curves’, new learnings, … yes, learning remains relevant (and essential as the past

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Do you find yourself complaining that life is hard? That you’re lost, off kilter, frustrated, unfulfilled? I’ve often found that clients who are

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The Gift of Purpose

Humans are innately tuned towards connectedness: put them in any situation and somehow, a reaching out starts happening. It could be as subtle

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Heart Openers

At a time when all of us are trying to be strong, to push through, keep our chins up, stay resilient, there are

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Sleep On It

When I coach, I find many clients reaching the conclusion that they need to eat better and exercise more. Rarely do I hear

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