Chia Life

Why I named my business Chia

After working at a little and now famous vegan restaurant in Cape Town, my daughter introduced me to chia seeds. She enthusiastically recounted their miracle health benefits and showed me how to create delicious breakfasts using these tiny black and white seeds. Their name intrigued and delighted me, and the concept of something so tiny being so powerful was inspiring and led me to this quote by Josh Waitzken:

“Just as the yin-yang symbol possesses a kernel of light in the dark, and of dark in the light, creative leaps are grounded in a technical foundation”.

When it came to selecting a name to represent my company’s core focus, which is to encourage healing and harmony, Chia was the immediate and obvious choice.

Chia seeds were discovered and used by the ancient Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas.  Today’s they are one of the most popular superfoods, and for good reason. Chia means “strength” in the Mayan dialect and was considered to be an ideal food for athletes, because Mayan messengers would run for days, sustained by the presence of these tiny seeds in their diet. Their medicinal properties were undisputed and the seeds were “prized more than gold” due to their amazing health-enhancing attributes

When you take a close look at a chia seed, you’ll see minute black and white specks living together on this tiny seed.  This natural co-existence reminded me of our planet, and how idyllic it could be if humankind could live together on it, peacefully and harmoniously, forsaking judgement based on colour, creed, religion, or station.

If this tiny little black and white seed can be a superfood for health and healing, imagine what a superpower we would be if we lived our lives noticing the similarities we share with fellow humans, rather than the differences.  What a truly Wonderful World it would be.  Go ahead, click through to the link and sing along.