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Seven ways to change your life: Part One – Stillness

Calling all high-achievers, perfectionists, crazy busy and I haven’t got time for that kind of sh*t, type of people! I like to call these my super-seven, they are the primary activities that literally help you change your life – I know this because I used to be you! I’m no Zen Buddhist and will never be, but I pick my battles and moments of perfection more carefully now days.

Whether it’s deciding on what’s next, losing weight, letting go of addictive behaviours, mending relationships, finding your purpose, or finding the confidence to do it (whatever your ‘it’ is).  Repeating the patterns that got you here, is not going to help you navigate your way through these crazy times, we all find ourselves in.

At Equinox Journey, we have selected our favourite and most powerful practices that can help you survive this post-pandemic, upside-down, cruel, sad, and seriously economically strained world.

You can adopt all  seven of these as yours, it’s however more likely that you’ll try them all and select only, the ones that work for you. Either way, you will begin to experience shifts in the areas of your life, you most want to see change in.

An important caveat too: these are called practices for a reason.  You need to practice them daily.  If not regularly repeated, you’ll not notice their value and their purpose will be lost. Promise yourself at least 30 days of patience, kindness, persistence and love.

Here goes.


Introducing: Stillness

The poet Rumi asks: “Do you make regular visits to yourself?”

Stillness is so much more than the absence of movement or sound. It’s a time-out for oneself. Being, not doing. A time to intentionally cultivate clarity and peace by clearing one’s thoughts, and bringing awareness to your body. As you do this, you feel yourself turning inwards.  You could be moving with slow deliberation or sitting or lying down.
Whether it’s 5-minutes, 15-minutes, or 45-minutes, what most matters is the rhythm of a daily practice.

Directions for practice:  Carve out the time, at least once daily, as part of your morning practice although it can be practiced as many times as required throughout the day.  We say ‘as required’ as you will become more and more aware when regularly doing this, that you like the way your mind and body feel afterward.   The duration of each ‘session’ varies from 1 minute to 60+ minutes. It’s helpful to have a preset time, rather than leaving it for when you’re “in the mood”.

Ways to practice Stillness

  1. Sit or lie down somewhere where you won’t be disturbed for 60 seconds or minutes.
  2. Close your eyes and take a deep breath.
  3. Continue to notice your breath.
  4. Now, just open your eyes and allow yourself to simply, BE. It may feel like a bizarre concept or even a waste of time. That’s your mind speaking, ignore the voices, and avoid starting that conversation in your head. If you see something interesting or pretty, just focus on it, maybe naming it but not engaging with it.
  5. When you feel calm and somewhat rested. Continue with what you need to do.

The Friends of Stillness: Silence and Nature
The Benefits of Stillness: Time for reflection, creating awareness from which intention is born and shifts occur. Calming the mind and providing perspective.