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Avoid Executive Burnout

Space is the difference between the ‘Urgent and Important’

When we create space in our lives, on a daily, even hourly basis, it creates, well, space! It has an expansive multiplier effect!

This is the best-kept secret of consciousness!

Space precedes strategic or strategic thinking. Space can spot opportunity, trends, connections between data, situations, and patterns. Space is where intention and manifestation sit. Space is the place of mindfulness.

Space allows the executive brain to function at a higher level.

In Tom Butler-Bowdon’s book called, “Never too late to be great. The power of thinking long”, he talks about how humans way over-estimate what they can do in a year, and way underestimate what they can do in ten. In precisely the same argument as this, we way underestimate what one day of absolute clarity, absolute focus can do for us.

You know those days when you tick all the boxes, you are firing on all cylinders?

Imagine if that happened, even for two hours a day, every day of the week, every week of the month.  If you had just two very high-level hours of productivity a day – where would you be after three months?

If, on top of two productive hours a day, you also knew exactly what you wanted to achieve in that time?

Exactly where you were running to. Would you be on course?  Would you be able to realise some somewhat audacious goals?

What if, while all of that was going on, you were also feeling; at peace, on course; and well within your daily, weekly, and monthly intentions?

How do we achieve this?

We start with space. We start by doing nothing.

“In the beginning, there was nothing.” An interesting turn of phrase found in the chapters of religious scripts.

Everything is created from first having nothing. Nothing leads the way to something. A period of nothing is the beginning of something.

You strive for something.  Clear the decks. Empty the caskets.

Clean out the cupboards. Of course, I mean this metaphorically, although often doing it literally has a huge impact too! But for now, let’s stick to the metaphorical.

Create space first each day. Create a nothingness. A stillness. In your mind and your body. From this, all else is created.

From this comes clarity of thinking or purpose (of the heart).

A straight line from the heart to the realisation of goals.

Conscious life, Conscious Leadership.

Centered Leadership; sits in the realm of first creating space, first becoming aware of one’s existence. Of self.  Awareness of that which is serving us and that which is not.

Aware of our impact on ourselves, on others.

This isn’t a one-off thing, it’s a daily practice, a moment by moment embodiment.

New practices become habits when we create systems to embed them. To establish habits, we need a daily prompt to drive the behaviour change.


We always exercise as soon as we get up and that is one of the tools we use to create space. Perhaps we do our gratitude prayer before every meal as a way of making space.

Perhaps we start each day with 5 minutes of silent reflection or prayer. Whatever it is, create natural prompts that signal that it is time for that new practice that you wish to establish.

Breathing in itself creates space. The finest thinking happens in the space between breaths. The finest intuiting. The finest BEING.

Breathing creates a perfect stop-gap between you and your reaction. Between you and stress. Between you and panic or anxiety.

Just thinking about your breathing can completely change your stress hormones, just as efficiently as just thinking about being grateful;

before you even start saying your gratitudes; just thinking of doing them, improves your stress hormones by up to 37%.


Make space.

Change your world internally and externally

Set the intention of making space.