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Take off Your Mask

(Not the fabric one – your social one) So many of us say we are fine without  a second’s thought, when asked, even when we feel like we’ve been run over by a bus and the train’s headlights are getting nearer. Sound familiar? How about trying to toss that proverbial mask that we put on …

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Heart Openers

At a time when all of us are trying to be strong, to push through, keep our chins up, stay resilient, there are other voices out there that I wish were stronger and more powerful. These are the voices that are telling you to be kind and compassionate and to practise self-care, be more compassionate, …

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Avoid Executive Burnout

Space is the difference between the ‘Urgent and Important’

When we create space in our lives, on a daily, even hourly basis, it creates, well, space! It has an expansive multiplier effect! This is the best-kept secret of consciousness! Space precedes strategic or strategic thinking. Space can spot opportunity, trends, connections between data, situations, and patterns. Space is where intention and manifestation sit. Space …

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