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Everyone is Really Really Tired

It’s the final stretch!! Our marathon-weary legs know that there’s a finishing line around the corner, but we dread not, knowing what’s beyond it … We remind ourselves that every year, we feel like this around this time of year – we think to ourselves – it’s just the way it is, isn’t it? Actually, No. This year has been anything but, ”JUST the way it is”. 2020 has had us doing, thinking, feeling things that we’ve not done, considered, or felt before. On a positive note, we’ve been more universally connected and sharing of our hardships – all of which were brought on by the big-3 – Covid; uncertainty, and the mental health strain. Grounding, or finding balance, while hanging onto our livelihoods, our families and our sanity have taken its toll. We are tired. Now is the time to focus on rejuvenation. In the past, December meant seaside holidays, end-of-year parties and travel adventures, whether local or global. This year, given where we find ourselves, it is likely to mean treasured family time and recovery. For the driven, ambitious, and adrenaline junkies out there – you are faced with two choices: you can spend the next two weeks worrying about 2021, keeping busy, making plans, getting your personal brand out there, scrolling your fingers raw, through social media or doing a dozen courses to get ahead of your game, OR, you can just BE. If you’ve been ignoring symptoms such as these: • Lack of sleep • Irritability • Anxiety • Depression • Weight gain/loss • Memory loss • Poor Concentration … then listen up. These symptoms come about as a result of severe stress over an extended period. Stress leads to more cortisol which leads to increased heart rates and higher blood pressure, then doctor visits then … I don’t need to spell it out for you. These simple but invaluable and life-transforming practices in the list below can define your entry into 2021.  You start, by STOPPING. It takes planning to do that: so plan your ‘stoppage’. Design space and time to:
  1. Switch off the Tech – no more Zoom, limit screen time. A digital detox can benefit your relationships, sleep and health.
  2. Re-imagine your living space. Remove all signs of home schooling, data or working from home. (Lock the study door if you can)
  3. Book a review session with your GP or a great life coach. There’s more intelligence than shame, in getting help or partnership.
  4. Get Social – speak to people outside of Zoom; find outdoor places to interact and be free to just, hmm, well BE.
  5. Book a massage –those knots aren’t going to get rid of themselves and if there is any time you’ve needed self-pampering, this is it.
  6. Trash the New Year’s resolution – rather bring yourself to my Vision-2021 workshop this January, where, with professional facilitation, you can leave the past behind and begin to construct a future that is achievable and brings you growth.
  7. Journal: Write write write… about how you’re feeling, what you’ve achieved this year, what you did well and what you will do better next year. It’s therapeutic and eye-opening.
  8. Start a daily Gratitude practice – either at bedtime or when you wake – note three things you are grateful for in that day. Big or small – they matter. Practicing gratitude can make you happier.
This doesn’t diminish your reality or the challenges you may be facing, it shifts energy and focus and it seems, that many of us could do with some shifting of focus. As we wrap up the year and this article – I caution you that burnout often masks itself as “really really tired”. Burnout is like a physical illness and you should treat it as such. Remember, as the saying goes:  You’re a human BEING not a human doing. Make your new year a re-entry into an exhilarating life where you are, joyful, energetic and clear-headed in order to make 2021 unmistakably yours.
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