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Life Coaches are for Losers

If you haven’t said this yourself, you’ve certainly heard it around you. For the uninitiated, the term ‘coach’ still raises the sound of drill whistles, game plans and a whole lot of yelling. It smacks of someone telling you how to run your life. Surprisingly, it’s quite the opposite. Great life coaches help you discover what you want. They are professionals who guide you into recognising the patterns and behaviours that are stopping you from getting where, in your heart, you know you want to be. They have no vested interest in your emotions or your back story, so they’ll bring the objectivity that you can’t, to the subject of YOU and the vision you have for your life. They don’t give you a game plan: they coach you into creating your own. Coaching can no longer be considered experimental or unconventional – it is a science-based, neuro-supported process that tangibly facilitates change. In the same vein as therapy, yoga, meditation or exercise, Coaching is recommended as one of the top tools to achieving overall wellness. Business coaching takes it a step further: it takes both you and your working world into account and leaves you both transformed – or at the very least, healthily shifted and a whole lot more focused. Photo courtesy of Elena Taranenko on Unsplash. Coaches use vision, values and purpose to help create meaning in their client’s lives and a reputable coach will be an objective, empathetic – yet firm – partner, with whom to travel a part of your life journey. It’s a space of openness, trust, creativity, clarity and self-transformation. There is no doubt that coaching reduces stress or at the least, provides tools to do so, it increases a sense of well-being and contributes to complete wellness. Greater awareness and knowledge around the complexity and flexibility of the human brain has proven to us that real, tangible and holistic change in people is possible. It inspires us to believe that if we wish to, we are able to ignite new purpose and new paths towards living our best lives. Photo courtesy of Jamie Templeton on Unsplash Is it totally unlike the sweaty, grunting, whistle-screeching coaching you first thought of? Nope. They share something powerful in common: there are only results when YOU do the work. How do you know you’re ready for coaching?
  • You’re reading this, for starters.
  • You’ve perhaps found yourself eavesdropping on conversations about others being coached.
  • You’re intrigued when you hear it being mentioned and your curiosity is now stronger than your resistance.
Most coaches will offer a free introductory session. This isn’t a sales hook: it’s an opportunity for you to get a feel for the process and for both you and the coach to get a sense of each other and whether there’s a synergy between you. How to choose a coach and more on it? I deal with this in my next article on coaching but for now, find it here. Let’s connect for a free 30minute introductory session. Ready to start the work?
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