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Do you find yourself complaining that life is hard? That you’re lost, off kilter, frustrated, unfulfilled?

I’ve often found that clients who are feeling like this, don’t have a personal vision that gives focus and guidance.

It’s not only businesses that need Visions – we should have personal Vision too. Why? It’s the perspective required to overcome the stuff that life and the universe throws at us as we walk our path on this earth. It encourages long-term focus and big picture reasoning.  

Imagine planning a holiday without knowing what your destination is. The anxiety! Paying for flights and leaving it up to the agent to decide where to send you; packing a suitcase without knowing what weather to anticipate; wondering what currency you’re going to need… 

How could anyone thrive in uncertainty like this?

Setting a vision is personal.  It’s not about your spouse, your children or your friends. It’s not about that island holiday, or the fancy red car you’d like to see parked in your driveway, either. Vision is about identifying and understanding what drives you, as an individual, with joy.

You know those times when you’re ‘in the flow’? You’ve been surfing, lost in a hobby, deep in conversation and you suddenly realise that hours have passed. Your body and mind feel joy and satisfaction. That is what is the essence of your vision … your personal driver. If you know what it is, you can work with it and towards it and very few things will feel like hard work again.

This core vision can be the mainstay of your plans – the GPS of your journey. And once your personal journey is clear, it will positively steer your personal and work life, leadership and business.

I run Vision workshops helping people define their vision for the future.  My Vision workshops invite you to let go of some of the stuff that’s no longer serving you, to relook your core values and needs and find out what’s really important to help you thrive, right here, right now. 

The workshops are interactive, simple but profound and incorporate the many wonderful coaching techniques I’ve honed.

I’ll come to your house, your office or meet you on Zoom.

Get a group of, colleagues or your friends together and let’s start your more focused journeys.

Email me,  to find out more.


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