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6 Important things to consider when choosing a Life Coach

If you’re thinking about connecting with a coach, then I can assure you that you are on your way to some incredible transformations.  Coaching became a buzzword in the 00s and right now, there’s a life coach on just about every corner. We’re spoilt for choice but it makes being selective even more important I remember about 20 years ago when I had my first Life-Coaching session.  I left feeling frustrated and insecure – and more than a little annoyed. I felt financially done in. I had had to commit to a certain amount of sessions and did not realise that I would be doing all the work. I believe what went wrong there was that neither of us was ready for coaching. My coach was too new to it and I was not evolved or conscious enough to believe that I had a role to play in changing my life, as I perceived it.  The rookie error was that instead of me seeking HER out, she had found me.  She was my personal trainer at the time.  She convinced me that I needed coaching.  (I admit, I probably did).  The thing is, coaching is about attraction, not invitation or hard sell. She needed me to be coached, not the other way round.   I was a pleaser, so I was willing to help her out.  Needless to say – I quickly distrusted and disregarded the process and never went back to the coaching or the gym floor! Image by David Iskander on Unsplash What should you look for in a good coach? Remember that your coach is going to be your motivator, your strategist and your accountability partner. So …
  1. Consider what their specialisation is. The coach who comes from a corporate world, for example, will know the unique challenges for a CEO but may not be as connected to relationship challenges.
  2. Qualifications matter. Check where and how they’ve been trained. Weekend courses don’t wash. In fact anything less than 1-year may be questionable. 
  3. Learn more about them even before the first meeting: read their LinkedIn profile, their articles and their blogs. It will give you a good idea of their coaching approach. 
  4. How do they resonate with you, instinctually? You’ll be using this person both as a confidante and a consultant, so it’s important that you feel a connection. Not sure what to ask? Check out my FAQ’s for some great questions to start you off.
  5. They don’t need to live near you. Our digital world means your choices have opened up and can be coached from anywhere. It’s often a more comfortable space when we aren’t being coached face-to-face.
  6. Most coaches will offer an obligation-free introductory session. Grab it. This will give you a sense of each other and whether you will be the right match that is needed for a trusting and successful journey. 
Image by Soulsana on Unsplash What outcomes can you expect from coaching? 
  1. Clarity: You’ll see yourself, and others, more clearly and objectively. Shifted perspectives will open the way to new ways of interacting or unexplored paths to follow.
  2. Strategy: You’ll be implementing changes to your life by design, instead of by default.
  3. Freedom: You’ll have broken away from entrenched habits that don’t work for you and discover new, productive ways to act and react.
  4. Accountability: no more excuses. Your coach will hold you accountable and have you holding yourself accountable, too.
When I found the right coach, it affected fundamental changes in my life: shifts I would have dismissed as impossible, as the stressed CEO and over-committed people pleaser that I was. Change is possible. That ‘Life is Good’ feeling that you’d forgotten can be recaptured. Step into the relatively unknown: find the right coach, commit to the process and enjoy the liberating shifts that come with the process. Want to hear more about that obligation-free intro session? Click here to get in touch! Keen to read more about what Coaching really is? Check out my blog post which goes a little deeper…  
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