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Uncertainty – Great Things Can Come From It

Uncertainty is neutral. Great things can come from it. How we relate to uncertainty is a choice. Like the next important discovery, realization or insight.” – Deepak Chopra

The long weekend was, for most people, one of predictability. Cultural, religious and family rituals were remembered and lived – albeit in new, changed and often restricted ways. It probably wasn’t easy having to shift years of habit to accommodate our celebrations and holidays as we are living them right now. Perhaps you created new traditions; perhaps you were unsettled by the change. I know I seem like a bit of a stuck record, but that’s because CHANGE IS HARD and too many of us are still hanging on to a hope that things ‘will go back to normal’. Image by Leon on Unsplash Having recently read an article by Kevin Sneader of McKinsey, what’s becoming clear to me is that those who are waiting for things to ‘go back to normal’ will emerge from this pandemic a lot weaker than those who embrace change, right now. History tells us that even after great tragedy the human race bounces back. We know that nature does – even if in ways we hadn’t foreseen. Even economies evolve and transform – they, too, come back stronger. Everything’s changed, quite drastically. Even our language now refers, as in pre- and post- WW1 & 2, to pre- and post-Covid. We can focus on the human toll, the economics of the past year, and inequality in almost every area of life or what our governments are doing – right or wrong; or we can wake up to the reality that uncertainty is an opportunity. But first we have to embrace change. What does embracing change mean?
  1. Acknowledging that life post-Covid is never going to be the same as the one before.
  2. Everything has become – or is becoming – digitized.
  3. Young or old, employed or jobless, it is time to reskill or upskill.
  4. Accept that delaying or denying digitization will simply stunt you and your business growth in the years ahead.
Kevin Sneader wrote an article that presents 2021 as ‘a year of transition.’ That’s a great way of looking at it. It’s only April. You have time. Whilst uncertainty still rules there is no doubt that in this “neutral space” (as referred to by Deepak Chopra) there is opportunity. Sneader highlights that start-up applications in the US were up by more than 24% last year, in comparison to 2019. That’s a HUGE number and one that will remain on the up curve as it’s being driven by young, innovative, hungry and brave thinkers and dreamers. Love statistics? So do we, read more here! Youth isn’t a requirement to joining the ranks of today’s success stories. Simply equip yourself with the trends in your industry, learn what digitization means for you and your industry, and then dive in. You have a choice to Reskill, Upskill – or you can literally jump industries and careers right now: we don’t live in a linear world, after all. Image by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels I remember at the beginning of this pandemic, a futurist claimed that, should you be able to hammer a nail – and someone was looking for a carpenter – you’re a carpenter. World shifts, fears and panic are ongoing. There’s no immediate end in sight. If you still fear you or your business being a casualty of these shifts, focus on what you love and learn how to digitize it. If you’re a business and you were making money pre-covid, then figure out how to digitize it. Great things will come from it. Maybe even the next important discovery. This article was inspired by the article by McKinsey & Company.   Having acknowledged that change is tough, how does one take steps to embracing this change and creatively finding new opportunities? Find a Life Coach as an accountability partner, to walk this journey with you. They know the steps – and that your journey is unique and that it can be challenging at every level. Don’t fear collaboration: it can lead to unexplored paths and life-altering shifts.
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