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Coaching: 6 Tangible Outcomes

Are there tangible outcomes from Coaching? Ohhhhh YES. With a commitment to honesty and vulnerability, willingness to do the work, and a coach who connects with you, change becomes inevitable. Here’s what you can expect:
  1. SHIFTED PERSPECTIVES: You’ll be able to see your world (it really is YOUR world) from multiple other perspectives, in addition to your own. We often are so caught up in our sh*t that we have no idea that we’re 80% of the perceived problem.
  2. CLARITY: This part, thankfully, comes early in the coaching process. There’s a realisation that change is necessary and clarity on what needs changing. Coaching clears the fog and provides direction, often one that would never have been on your GPS before. For this, you’ll find yourself needing willingness (AKA courage).
  3. COURAGE: ‘Courage is not the absence of fear but the triumph over it’ – thanks, Madiba, for this profound definition. Your Coaching journey can be rather daunting. Perhaps you’ll be unpacking the ‘stuff’ you’ve stored safely in the boxes of the mind. At other times, it’s having to acknowledge the habits or behaviours that are holding you back: the ones that need your focus and work in order for you to shift.
Photo by Jo Leonhardt on Unsplash
  1. LETTING GO: of the things you cannot change. One of the most powerful benefits of coaching is realising that your locus of control lies right where you are: that you can only change yourself and your approaches. Within this restriction is enormous freedom. You discover what is yours to change and what is not. You find the courage to work on what’s yours and trust that the other ‘stuff’ will sort itself out (and it does).
  2. RELIEF: For years I woke up feeling heavy, tired, afraid. As you begin your coaching journey there’s a sense of hope and anticipation that takes hold of you. Along with it, comes a lightness: it’s like losing 10kg of world-weariness and becoming fitter with every ‘Aha’ moment. It ebbs and flows throughout the journey but as you get to the end of the first cycle of growth and change, it becomes more constant. You start feeling like you belong.
  3. JOMO: slowly but surely your FOMO – Fear of Missing Out – subsides and you head into a head and heart space of JOMO – Joy of Missing Out. You no longer feel the need to be part of everything, every decision, every celebration, every meeting, every conversation. You wake up one day and realise you actually enjoy your own company or doing things that you would never have dreamt of before. I found myself socialising with different people – people who thrive on having real, honest conversations that go beyond the weather, the virus and the last get-together
Photo by Alexis Mora Angula on Unsplash Sometimes I stop and listen to myself talking about coaching and realise that I’m in danger of sounding like a religious fundamentalist (I swear I’m not, but if you need to be sure you can find out more about me here). It’s that profound a shift, that I went through – and I see it in client after client; and celebrate with each one as if it were the first time. Feeling ready? Here’s to you and your journey. Get in touch here. Not sure what to look for in a life coach? Read this.  
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